Monday, December 14, 2015

Our Favorite Things

As we finish packing, hoping hopelessly that our belongings will fit into the bags we brought, we look back with premature nostalgia on some of the most wonderful aspects of our Clerkenwell neighborhood. It's been an amazing place to live -- near everything, bursting with food and drink of every sort, endlessly entertaining. We are more than sorry to leave it.

Our first pub:

Our first dinner place:

Leather Lane at lunchtime (endless food carts!):

Tongue and Brisket on Leather Lane (needs no other explanation):

The very blue and often quite snug suits who lunch on Leather Lane;

The WWI statue outside our tube station:

Our Belgian pub:

Our very political pizza place:

Where the heist took place (just down the street):

The wonderful Old Mitre, where Queen Elizabeth danced around the Maypole:

Phil's favorite bridge, the Holborn Viaduct:

Bee's Bakery, which we just discovered (too late to take full advantage, alas!):

Our neighbor:
St. Ethelreda's, a 12th century church on the next block:

The charming boy and girl statues above what used to be a school (18th century), next door:

Our building (called Sienna House -- the horses are meant to evoke the Palio, and yes, it's misspelled):

Where Phil ran nearly every day:

And finally -- we love the Tube. It gets you where you're going and tells you when it's arriving; its seats are padded, and only rarely has anyone thrown up in it. We couldn't figure out what the OYSTER in Oyster card stood for, so Ben decided for himself:

Our pubs for the week:


Brewdog -- opened 3 days ago


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